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Our global vision is to create and empower skilled workforce in cyber security.

Cyber security includes both the technologies and processes used to protect digital devices and networks from digital attacks, hacking and unauthorised hacking.

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You will learn basics ethical hacking to advanced cyber security elements. If you have no background in cybersecurity, we can help you learn and understand from the basic and will help you to be a professional cyber security expert after you leave.

Cyber Security training objectives

Secure corrupted systems, protect personal data.
  • Examine secure software development practices.
  • Terms and concepts in Cyber law, cybercrimes, trademarks and domain theft.
  • Approaches for incident analysis and response.
  • Principles of web security.
  • Best approaches for risk management and best practices.
  • Understand cryptography, key encryption technologies used today.

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Cyber security Course Syllabus

What you will Learn?

1-Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2-Footprinting & Reconnaissance
3-Scanning Networks
5-Vulnerability Analysis
6-System Hacking Module
7-Malware Threats Module
8-Sniffing Module

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Why to Learn?

1-Protect Yourself
2-Work for Fortune Companies
3-Global Recognition
4-The Thrill of Hacking
5-Plenty of Opportunities
6-Work in Any Industry
7-Permanently work from home
8.Jobs Never Gets Boring

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Common Careers

1-Penetration Tester
2-Vulnerability Assessor
3-Information Secuirty Analyst
4-Security Analyst
5-Security Consultant
6-Security Engineer
7-Security Architect

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