TecheZ Training on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security provides you with a learning practice to achieve your goals faster and secure the top position.
Training provided by real-time experts facilitates you to get a good command over the core concepts of ethical hacking.we teach hacking and security to help people become ethical hackers so they can test and secure systems from black-hat hackers .Our training makes you an expert on ethical hacking and Cyber Security.At TecheZ Classes we aim to put everything you need in one place, whether you need full training (online courses), hacking equipment or if you just want to stay up to date with the latest in ethical hacking world, you have it all in here.

Ethical Hacking Training will provide you real-time knowledge on concepts like Footprinting, Enumeration, Network Hacking,
Malicious Attacks, Denial-of-service. Wireless Network Hacking, Mobile Platform Hacking.

What We Do -

Over the years we have trained many professionals and corporates alongwith the complete knowledge and latest tools, techniques, and resources needed to secure the IT Infrastructure.
We also conducts Ethical Hacking Workshops, Bootcamps, Cyber Awareness Camps and Seminars to educate the global community on the issues of Information Security, and encourage further development.

Our vision is to help create a world in which everyone is safe from cyber threats.
Our mission is to empower clients to achieve their privacy and security goals aligned with their business objectives, and to be proactive in the fight against security threats.

TRUSTED BY 1200+ students

You will learn basics ethical hacking to advanced cyber security elements. If you have no background in cybersecurity, we can help you learn and understand from the basic and will help you to be a professional cyber security expert after you leave.

Cyber Security training objectives

Secure corrupted systems, protect personal data.
  • Examine secure software development practices.
  • Terms and concepts in Cyber law, cybercrimes, trademarks and domain theft.
  • Approaches for incident analysis and response.
  • Principles of web security.
  • Best approaches for risk management and best practices.
  • Understand cryptography, key encryption technologies used today.

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