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Free download dangerous dave games for pc

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Our web site is using cookies. Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. All games Only free and downloadable games. Home Companies Upload dos ;c Feedback Contact and links log in. Dangerous Dave Dangerous Dave is a classic computer video game, which was released in the year The single player game was published by Softdisk and developed by John Romero.

The objective of the game is to gather the cups, which are made of gold. When the player musters the required number of cups needed to move to the successive stage, he enters in the next stage. The game consists of several secret stages, huge creatures and hurdles, which come in the path of the player as he progresses in the game.

The player needs to clear ten thrilling levels and in each level, the player needs to gather the required number of gold coins. The player needs a gun to shoot the enemies. The enemies fog hilarious due to their appearance, which looks like the red colored sun and plates of green color. The enemies are sometimes, equipped with traps or diamonds. In the platform game, Dangerous Dave, the player is required to get his trophies back from the hidden hub of the pirate.

The pirate is the enemy of Dave who is known by the name Clyde Cooper. The difficulty level of the game increases with the successive levels. In the game, the player needs to run and hop through the successive levels. The DOS game consists of some complexities, which the player encounters on his way. Thou, the ссылка continue smoothly but, the game can get challenging sometimes. During the game, the player can muster several objects, which consist of distinct scores.

The initial two stages are simple and less challenging but, the furthermore levels are tough and riskier. The game belongs to the genre arcade. The sound and graphics are done well. The game has the ability to keep the players engrossed in it for long hours.

Developed by:. Uptime Disk Monthly. Not rated – login – and rate. Play NOW! Run In Browser Download Submit review. Comments Add comment. Thanks for sharing! It’s such a mess. This game doesn’t even have golden coins. Nice Game Adorable Days! Nice game and find this site thanks I’ve been waiting for it Link is safe.

GG eager to play free download dangerous dave games for pc game. Free download dangerous dave games for pc pc does not support full screen and the game has not getting started at all Hope to get an alternative dangeroks of governable game format Play it on my phone the time, love the memories.

Daniyal Sadiq i like this very much. Shakoor An interesting game. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! It is very interesting. I like very much this game. What can i do to make it work? If in doubt, start a new thread in technical dangeroys forum or write us to free download dangerous dave games for pc Feedback form. Been playing it since I was very little. I just finished azan download windows 10 game for the first time!!!

Will any one can tell me, how to download it pls I m playing this since and enjoying lot. At that time I was 10 th std student and today i am working as a GM sales in multinational company in nagpur. Today too I paly this game and feel stress less at home. But frnd I never play this in the office. This game teach us how to achieve our goal and target feee we have to set first and most important thing is concentration which our bramhaastra. So frnd kids enjoy and set your goal in future.

Because our earth is goll основываясь на этих данных without setting any goal we never get succes in the life and future. How can I?????? Please hit “Play NOW! Eventually visit our FAQ section. Downloading works fine for me, please check that downloading is not blocked in ;c browser or try a different browser. Please help me!!

What is abandonware? The downloaded packages free download dangerous dave games for pc prepared to be runnable with a single click. Only free download dangerous dave games for pc you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included “Play NOW. For more information see Download Notice Please fill downlad free download dangerous dave games for pc math result and click Download. Download Cancel.


– Free download dangerous dave games for pc

Raptr 2. Today too I paly this game and feel stress less at home. Dangerous Dave. Sudden Strike : Crime


Free Dangerous Dave Download.

My pc does not support full screen and the game has not getting started at /23449.txt Npower Test Series Cr I can help you. What is abandonware?


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