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Change the device you use for MFA – Xero Central – Google Authenticator Set up

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Return to Authy and paste in the key. Why doesn’t it work???


Xero google authenticator code –

Make sure you’re scanning the QR code from within your authenticator app, not using your phone’s camera. Try rescanning the QR code. Click Enter a setup key instead. Check you’ve got internet access. Start the set-up process again. Can’t find the QR code or setup key. Xero only shows the QR code or setup key during the setup of MFA. To find the code or key, return to Xero and click Can’t scan the QR code? Enter a setup key instead. Next to Setup Key, click Copy. Go back to the Authy app, click on the plus icon to add an account. Paste the code or key and click Add Account. As Xero doesn’t appear on the options to choose from, we need to create it. Open the Xero Verify app on your device. Tap the + icon in the top right corner. Tap Scan QR code or Enter setup key. Set up MFA for your new Xero account.


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